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Plumbing Basics

We sometimes take plumbing for granted. When the toilet flushes, the water is running and the taps aren't dripping we hardly give it a second thought. Plumbing, however, is fundamental part of our life, economy and civilization because our need for clean water and proper disposal of waste is so basic.

There's a lot involved in plumbing, whether it is installing new bathroom or kitchen fixtures or repairing a leak.

There is a lot involved in Plumbing. Hire a Professional Plumber through!
Here are some tips for caring for your home's plumbing needs:
  • Do not attempt plumbing work yourself that is beyond your ability. Hire a professional.
  • Plumbers generally charge by the hour, so compare their hourly rates and their experience.
  • Hire an experienced plumber. Hiring a cheap or inexperienced plumber may require calling in an expert plumber to fix poor work.
  • Make a list and have your plumber come in for all your plumbing needs at one time. Multiple calls can mean more money.
  • Select and purchase your own fixtures, taps, toilets, sinks etc. You don't want to pay their rate to shop for you.
Plumbing includes the following systems:
  • Drainage, Waste and Venting System
  • Fuel Gas Piping
  • Septic Systems
  • Traps, Drains & Vents
  • Water Supply, Cold and Hot
For common Plumbing Abbreviations see our list below!
In new home construction plumbers work as subcontractors and follow the home's blueprints to install pipes, fittings, fixtures, hot water heaters and other plumbing equipment. A building inspector will inspect and verify that all new home plumbing is up to code and local specifications. In existing homes plumbers not only repair leaking pipes, backups in sewage lines, and stop taps from dripping, but they also upgrade, retrofit and move plumbing in home remodeling projects like kitchen and bath renovations.  Plumbing contractors need to be licensed and their work always needs to adhere to local building and plumbing codes.
Galvanized iron pipe, cast iron pipes, plastic pipes, copper pipes, ceramic pipes, steel pipes, glass pipes, flexible pipes and lead pipes may used in plumbing depending on the application, homeowner or contractor preference, or local code requirements. Besides pipe or tubing plumbing systems also require fittings such as elbows, tees, unions and valves in order to branch the supply lines to different rooms in the house where water is needed, like the kitchen or bathroom.

fix a drain, plumbing quotesThere are many different Pipes used in Plumbing. Hire a Professional Plumber through!"

Common Plumbing Abbreviations
  • AGA - American Gas Association
  • Brs. - Brass
  • CP - Chrome Plated
  • CC - Copper x Copper
  • CFT - Claw Foot Tub
  • CWM - Clothes Washing Machine
  • CWT - Copper Water Tube
  • Dia. - Diameter 
  • DC - Die Cast
  • DWM - Dish washing Machine
  • DWV - Drainage, Waste and Venting
  • Fct. - Faucet
  • FD - Floor Drain
  • FGH - Female Garden Hose
  • FHT - Female Hose Thread
  • FIP - Female Iron Pipe
  • Fips - Female Iron Pipe Size
  • FPT - Female Pipe Thread
  • Gal. - Gallon
  • GPF - Gallons Per Flush
  • GPM - Gallons Per Minute
  • Ga. - Gauge
  • Hdl. - Handle
  • Hd. - Head
  • Hgt. - Height

  • HWT - Water Heater
  • ID - Inside Diameter
  • IPS - Iron Pipe Size
  • LAV - Bathroom Sink
  • LT - Laundry Tray
  • MGH - Male Garden Hose
  • MHT - Male Hose Thread
  • MIP - Male Iron Pipe
  • Mips - Male Iron Pipe Size
  • MPT - Male Pipe Thread
  • Mil. - 1/1000 Inch
  • Nom. - Nominal
  • NPSH - National Pipe Straight Hose
  • NPT - Standard Pipe Thread
  • Oz. - Ounce
  • OD - Outside Diameter
  • PSI - Pounds per Square Inch
  • Pln. - Plain
  • Pt. - Point
  • PB - Polished Brass
  • SF - Satin Finish
  • SS - Stainless Steel
  • SWT - Sweat
  • THD - Thread
  • W/C - Toilet  or water closet
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